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Friday, 13 March 2009

Stuff and that.

It's been absolutely ages since I last posted on here, so here's a whole bunch of recents...


'The Joy of Sex'
(work in progress)

'Dark Night of the Soul'
(CD cover)


'Sewing is Bad for Bunnies'
(anti - fur campaign poster)

(The cyrillic for 'light blue' can also be used to mean 'homosexual'.)

I now have a blog too! Check it out at -, where you can see some more of what I've been up to, as well as some of my rambling on about this and that too.
Also! I did a little bit of work recently for Tokyo based t-shirt printing company Graniph. They bought the design below and are going to print it up on a couple of thousand tees..I reworked it for them and made it basically less scruffy and messy than the version I posted on here a while ago. Not sure when it'll be ready but it'll be avalible on their website (and in their Japanese stores too, if you're lucky enough to be over there), if wearing some slightly electro cows on your person is your kinda thing.

As you were then!

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